First day back on Weight Watchers.

Last night I went back to Weight Watchers. It was my first meeting since moving back to New Orleans from Florida, where we had a real center, real scales, and fancy computers. My new meeting is straight out of 1997 and held in the physical rehab building of a local chiropractor. Still, I went and stayed and I’m going back in a week. Hurrah?

For breakfast I had three eggs, six slices of lean ham, and an English muffin for 8 points.

For lunch I had a hickory maple grilled chicken salad with fat free ranch dressing for 7.5 points and zero point soup with 2 ounces of pasta for 3 points.

Dinner was a sesame ginger chicken breast for 5.5 points and Asian noodles with edamame and red onions for 4 points.

I still have 9 points left for the day.


~ by What Adam Ate. on June 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “First day back on Weight Watchers.”

  1. Yea! Good for you. Did you make the sesame ginger chicken or was it a prepackage deal? It looks great!

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