Day Three.

I ate good today. The eggs I picked up from the produce stand were so good. He doesn’t have eggs all the time, but they were good enough for me to look elsewhere for farm eggs. Someone else must sell them around here.

This morning I was at Wal-Mart at 6:15 in the morning getting groceries which will teach me to not go to bed at 10pm.

Breakfast 8.5pts. I picked up some Black Cherry Polaner All Fruit with Fiber which is technically zero points per serving but I counted it as half. It made the English Muffins so much better.

Lunch 8.5. 99% fat free hotdogs, 2% cheese, and turkey chili on 1pt wheat buns. It was a nice quick lunch.

7pts. This was a surprisingly generous amount of food for so few points. I used 4oz of ground turkey with a half cup of rice, stirring in two cups of chicken stock while the rice cooked to make a stuffing for the peppers which was a lot like risotto. I’ll definitely be making this again and soon.

Snacks today included several pieces of string cheese (a weakness) Teddy Grahams, two meatballs, and a gigantic smoothie for two points to raise my blood sugar this afternoon.

9.5 left for tonight.


~ by What Adam Ate. on June 27, 2010.

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