Day Six.

Weigh in is tomorrow and I’m not feeling as confident as I should. I blame it on the damn string cheese. Having string cheese in my house is like letting Lindsay Lohan hold on to your blow, it’s not going to end well.

For breakfast I made some open face sandwiches on two English muffin halves. Look how bright those yolks are. I’m never eating a store bought egg again. English muffin was 1pt, eggs were 4pts, cheese was 1pt and ham for 2pts which makes 8pts total for breakfast.

Another salad bar salad with fresh boiled shrimp for 6pts, I also had a yogurt for the carbs to cover my insulin for 1pt.

This was outstanding. It was so good.

5pts for meatballs, 1pt for sauce 4.5pts for 3oz of spaghetti, and 2pts for 2/3 cup of corn. 12.5 total. I normally only eat 2oz of spaghetti, but I was hungry after my light lunch. The Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta is very filling.

10.5 left for the night. I just can’t seem to finish all my points.


~ by What Adam Ate. on June 30, 2010.

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