Day Eight.

This morning I was on the hunt for 1pt tortillas. I had a list of three or four brands to look out for and of course I didn’t find any of them. I had to settle for some 2pt tortillas, which is okay because the one I ate for breakfast was awfully good. Then my mom called telling me she found the 1pt tortillas. Score one for mom.

I broke out of my breakfast funk today. I’ve been eating basically the same thing for a week so today I switched it up by making a burrito with ham and some hashbrowns. To stretch my eggs I used one egg with 1/2 cup of egg beaters which is probably equivalent to 4-5 large eggs. It was nice and the real egg masked that funky egg beaters taste. 8pts and a nice serving of fiber.

Last night after weigh-in I wanted a club sandwich so bad. That would have been 14pts and this one was 4.5pts. It was so good and so low in points that I could have easily added a slice of bacon if I wanted to.

Dinner was a 14pt letdown. Especially considering there’s 8pts of oil and breading on that plate. I need to learn my lesson because every time I splurge on something it’s always a disappointment.

After snacks I have 5.5pts left for the night


~ by What Adam Ate. on July 3, 2010.

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