Day Nine.

I really need those 1pt tortillas because I’m loving breakfast burritos. These are still the 2pt tortillas, so it’s a little heavier than it needs to be. This was two burritos with ham, egg, cheese, and hash browns for 11pts. My new thing is mixing one egg with the egg beaters and I’m really happy with it.

Club sandwich from yesterday was so good I had to repeat it again. This time I pan fried a tortilla to go with it for 7.5pts.

Dinner was two pieces of lemon pepper pan fried talapia, sweet corn, and a creole tomato for 9pts. It was excellent.

9pts left for some popcorn later.


~ by What Adam Ate. on July 3, 2010.

One Response to “Day Nine.”

  1. I am inspired to try the breakfast burritos. They look good. Obviously you are a good cook and make tasty food. I think too many times when people are dieting they cook boring and bland and lose interest. You will be successful!

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