Day Ten.

I’ve been dealing with a bitch of a headache all day. Normally when that happens I have something big and greasy maybe with a side of something sugary. Sugar almost always helps and it was incredibly tempting but I fought through the urge and only had some toast with jam, which didn’t help anyway. It was only 1pt for two pieces so I’m not that torn up about still having a headache. (Well, I am, but it’s not like I blew 10pts and still have a headache.

I woke up with the headache this morning so I thought a hearty breakfast was in order. It didn’t work, but it does go to show you that being on program doesn’t mean you have to eat tiny portions. These are two rather substantial sandwiches and it was only 8.5pts. I used my favorite 2slice/1pt bread, egg mixed with Egg Beaters, lean ham (9 slices for 1.5pts), and they even have cheese on them.

Normally I’d never have a lunch this substantial, but again with the headache I was willing to try anything. I’m still working through my turkey meatballs so I took those out, made some spaghetti, and tossed on some corn for a very filling 12.5pt lunch.

My favorite thing to do with corn is to cook it on the stove with salt, pepper, a butter substitute, (I like Butter Buds) and just one packet of Splenda.

When I was a kid my dad routinely barbecued. I used that term loosely since pretty much everything he made was burnt to a crisp and as a result I cringed whenever he went to fill up the propane tank. I still haven’t completely gotten over my barbecue aversion, but since it’s the 4th of July I thought a barbecued chicken breast was appropriate. I can’t believe barbecue sauce is so high in points, it’s so not worth it. The fries were frozen and cooked with no additional fat in the oven. Whole plate was 10pts.

Which leaves me 13 left for the day and I think it’s about to be smoothie time yet again maybe with popcorn time later.


~ by What Adam Ate. on July 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Day Ten.”

  1. thanks for posting these. gives me good ideas. i do have a question though. i too am doing WW, and i don’t see you post many dairy items. are you just ignoring that part of the program and only counting points? i find when i get in my required dairy servings and essential fats daily, i don’t seem to have enough points left for all the breads and things you have. maybe i should try it your way cuz i’d sure prefer your food to mine.

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