Day Thirteen.

I think I could go to bed right now and sleep until tomorrow morning. I’m beyond exhausted. I walked 6.8 miles today because my goal was get past 10k, which I did. One day I hope to run it, but still, good for me.

Got my 1pt tortillas so I made breakfast burritos again with egg, ham, cheese, and potatoes for 8pts

Before lunch I walked to the produce stand up the street from my house and got myself an avocado to eat for lunch. It’s under there and it was so good. I cut up a tortilla and baked it until crisp to top. There’s also some baked chicken too for 11.5 points. More points than usual for lunch, but it’s okay because the avocado was exceptional.

Dinner was talapia, broccoli, and some pasta for 7pts, but i think I overestimated on the pasta

I have 16.5 points left because I didn’t snack all day. Gonna get some popcorn later.


~ by What Adam Ate. on July 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Day Thirteen.”

  1. You sure eat well! I am watching the kinds of foods you eat as Mark wants me to cook lighter. He says I make too many comfort foods. So instead of fighting, I will attempt to do what he wants. You are doing great. Did you take a “before” photo?

  2. Just stepped on over from your LJ post and wow, I had no idea you could eat such amazing food and still lose weight and get fit. If I ever win the lottery, can I hire you as my personal chef?

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