Day Sixteen.

Good news. I didn’t eat half my weight in fiber today.

For breakfast I wanted to make sandwiches in my toasty sandwich maker, but apparently I didn’t clean it after the last time I used it…because it’s a pain in the ass to clean. I made regular sandwiches instead and ate them with oatmeal for a 9pt breakfast.

I was watching cooking shows about barbecue and it had me craving barbecue chicken. I baked a piece of chicken and mixed it with a tablespoon of sauce to make a sandwich. Wish I had a bun though. It was 5pts and pretty good.

Dinner was 5pt chicken kabobs and 5pt turkey tacos which were outstanding.


~ by What Adam Ate. on July 10, 2010.

One Response to “Day Sixteen.”

  1. This food blog might actually save me from crashing and burning from boredom with my WW meals. I did WW faithfully for 1 and a half years – lost 50kg and just when I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – they changed the program. I tried ProPoints – for weeks and weeks. It just is not working for me. After much frustration and a sizable step backwards I re-started, but with flex points. I can do most of these meals with flex points – I just have to re-calculate them. They all look extremely yummy – and I won’t have to think about ‘what should I make’ because I’m a failure at being creative. Thanks for doing it for me đŸ™‚

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