Day 33.

This week’s weigh in is going to be interesting. I’m so stressed and sore and I’m either making bad food choices or no choices at all.

Breakfast of ham, hashbrowns, toast and an egg for 4.5pts

Today I went to see my grandma in the hospital. I knew I was going to be gone all day so I packed a lunch of a club sandwich, orange, chips, and salsa for 7pts.

After my long day I was craving protein so I made a bbq chicken breast and a piece of turkey sausage with cauliflower and more chips for 12.5pts.

I didn’t work out today and I still have 16pts left. Gonna get some popcorn because I’m still hungry.


~ by What Adam Ate. on July 27, 2010.

One Response to “Day 33.”

  1. Adam, I’m gona have to try this diet…it seems to be working great for must suit your metabolism…..I think I just gained 20 lbs just reading your blog….but your food looks yummy….keep it up….need to see some photos of the new svelt you!

    Best Wishes Kay in Scotland

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