Day 62.

Ham, egg, and cheese on bagels for 7pts

Glorious delicious sushi lunch split with mom. I can never figure out the points for sushi so I just counted it as 18, which is probably way high, but that’s better than way low.

Hawaiian stuffed peppers and brussel sprouts for 11pts

Walked outside for 32 minutes and earned 12 activity points.


~ by What Adam Ate. on August 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Day 62.”

  1. what bagels do you use? For my breakfast sandwiches I’m using some sugar-free whole wheat bread that’s 1 pt per slice…so good! I need some variety.

    also brussel sprouts = yum.

    • I think those were Nature’s Own whole wheat bagels. they’re 1pt each, but they’re mini, I have some 2pt ones that I’m using now which I also like.

      You should switch to Nature’s Own double fiber bread, it’s 2 slices for 1pt and will leave you feeling fuller for longer

      • thanks for the tip! I am going to have to see if my store has the Nature’s Own bread…I will check it out.

        Thanks for your support and guidance…I appreciate it! And yay you for your progress!

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