Day 77.

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I’m weighing in on Saturday (they added a new meeting) so no weigh-in until then.




No exercise today. I’m completely out of commission and can’t even walk because my foot is so jacked up.


Day 76.

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5pt eggs and bagel

A sinful amount of sushi, I counted it as 18 since I split it with mom.

Chicken fried rice 10.5

I’m also over my points allowance by 7.5

I walked for 22 minutes for 8 activity points.

Day 74 & 75

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Pizza on Monday night. Way too many points.

Then I overslept and skipped breakfast but had breakfast for lunch.



Walked 15 minutes on Monday and 30 today.

Day 72 & 73.

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I hurt myself working out yesterday so I didn’t have it in me to edit pictures and post. I’m okay, just overdid it a little.




Walked for 35 minutes. Earned 15 activity points.




No exercise today.

Day 71.

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My eggs were excellent this morning. I had them with a bagel and canadian bacon for 6.5 pts.

Chicken sandwich, tomato salad, and chips with salsa for 6pts

Oven baked chicken and with fries for 10pts.

I walked outside today TWICE, once before breakfast and once before lunch totaling 40 minutes for 15 activity points.

Weigh-in. End of Week 10.

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I lost 1lb this week brining my 10 week total to 44.4lbs

I sabotaged myself this week. I was so close to fifty and I didn’t do everything I could have.

I have 15 days and 2 weigh-ins left before going to the doctor. I only need to lose 5.6 to get to my 50lb goal and I intend on getting there.

Day 70.

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Grilled bagel with ham and cheese 3pts

Meatballs, 3pts.

Sushi…which unless it was 38pts I’ll be okay.

Walked  my mile in 19:30 for 11 activity points. I also wore my fancy new walking undies.